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Clinical Communications that improve healthcare productivity, collaboration and care

Communication delays in healthcare environments don’t just impact productivity. They can impact lives too. When the cornerstone of your healthcare business is efficient communication, you need a unified platform that keeps your staff on the same page. The solution is to bring all your critical messaging systems together in a single secure network. It’s called unified communications (UC). And it’s where Acetek can help.

Streamline workflow. Improve collaboration. Enhance patient care.

At Acetek, we design and install unified communication systems with a tightly integrated combination of products that connect seamlessly. With wired and wireless enterprise telephony and messaging systems including DECT, intercom, smart phones, PABX and paging solutions, we streamline workflow, enhance staff mobility and eliminate communication delays. The result is improved care-team collaboration and satisfaction all round.

Supporting the demands of your environment today and tomorrow

Integrating data, voice and messaging technologies for a combined user experience, we help you streamline care delivery processes and let staff share information instantly. What’s more, these latest tools and solutions have the flexibility to adapt to changing technological and operational demands. So, you have the freedom to expand tomorrow and deliver the performance you need today.

Acetek’s healthcare clinical communications solutions are: Flexible, scalable, reliable systems that support growth

  • Mobile, secure, compliant
  • Streamlined for efficient workflow and care-team collaboration
  • Designed to optimise business processes
  • Designed to deliver a 360° view of your patients/residents and organisation
Acetek – Because better communication enables better care

We give you the tools to keep your facility running smoothly. So, you can focus on your most important work.