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Mobile Nurse Call

Imagine a mobile alarm management workflow solution available as an app from your mobile phone.

Use technology you already know

Pulse Mobile from Austco is a native smartphone app, that allows nurses and care staff to manage alarms from a mobile phone. Running natively on Android and iOS smartphones, your nurse staff can use technology that they are already familiar with.

Manage alarms on the go

You can accept, reject and escalate calls from your phone ensuring faster response times for your patients. If accepted, the call will disappear from other notified staff screens and if rejected, the call will disappear from your screen but remain on other notified screens until someone accepts the call. 

VOIP enabled

And of course, it’s also a phone.  Nurses can respond to alarm locations equipped with VOIP and via an audio call speak to patients directly.

Acetek – Because better communication enables better care

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