Dementia Monitoring

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Dementia Monitoring for aged care facilities and hospitals

Acetek provides a high-quality, cost-effective dementia monitoring solution.

Non-intrusive, profile based dementia monitoring

Give your residents a degree of independence with Austco’s DCS-2000 System. This profile based alarm system reduces false-alarms and is easily programmed to different settings based on the requirements of the resident. Easily programmed by your carers.

False alarms are minimised

Sensors and lights guide the resident / patient around the room, and in-room activity is monitored automatically detects when the resident is out of profile. Alarms are generated only when there is a problem.

Seamless integration

Your Dementia system is easily integrated with your critical communication technology.

Useful data easily accessed 

A complete audit trail of sensor data and alerts can easily be exported for reporting purposes, helping your facility identify where extra funding is required based on required levels of care.

Acetek – Because better communication enables better care

We give you the tools to keep your facility running smoothly. So, you can focus on your most important work.