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Telephony solutions for Aged Care and Hospitals

As both system designers and integrators, we deliver more than just a telephone – we deliver an essential tool that increases both productivity and customer satisfaction. Our solutions offer flexibility and scalability, delivering the performance you need today, and in the future.

DECT – robust and easy to use

DECT is recognised as the optimum solution for staff mobility. In a healthcare environment, you need your staff to be contactable while they are on the move. DECT handsets are easy to use and can be used for both voice calls and text messaging using secure technology.

Wireless telephones provide accessibility both inside and outside the facility – reducing time spent locating staff. Wireless can be integrated with any messaging system, eliminating the need for separate pagers and devices for staff meaning fewer devices need to be carried.

PABX – cost effective and flexible

From small installations to large multi-site environments, PABX systems are scalable and modular in design ensuring you can implement a solution today that will grow with your business.

Paging – scalable and reliable

With simple integration options for any existing paging infrastructure, our wireless messaging solutions ensure that your messages are received on any onsite or wide-area pager.

Acetek – Because better communication enables better care

We give you the tools to keep your facility running smoothly. So, you can focus on your most important work.