Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

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Real Time Location Systems that put healthcare resources at your fingertips

Nowhere is swift location of staff and equipment more important than in a healthcare setting where workflow inefficiencies can impact lives, not just your bottom line. To keep tabs on the whereabouts of your team and devices, you need eyes and ears on the ground. But how do you ensure moment-to-moment visibility and management of the healthcare assets across your facility? Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) is the quick and easy solution. And Acetek can provide.

Tracking people and assets across your healthcare facility in real time

At Acetek, we connect the people in your environment with the people and things they need. Just like an in-house GPS or Indoor Positioning System, RTLS helps staff members locate equipment and other staff quickly, so they can spend more time serving people in their care. We offer both wireless radio frequency and Wi-Fi solutions to monitor and report locations of tracked resources.

Improved asset management for time/cost savings and enhanced care

When efficiency and satisfaction are your priority, Acetek ensures you meet those demands with locating systems that maximise your resources and help you do more with less. Integration of RTLS with your other healthcare solutions is simple, making tracking medical equipment, devices and staff across your facility an issue of the past.

Acetek’s Real Time Location Services:

  • Work in dynamic environments where people and equipment are on the move
  • Track in real time, accurately providing notifications and alerts
  • Are installed and maintained easily
  • Increase staff efficiency, improves workflow and reduces search and wait times
  • Monitor staff activities and asset movement for easy analysis and process improvement
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