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Integrated healthcare security systems you can trust

When it comes to security in a hospital or healthcare setting, every second counts. Each security measure – intruder detection, CCTV video surveillance or access control – must integrate seamlessly to ensure that drugs, equipment and information are restricted; and visitors, staff and those they care for are protected night and day. To bring your healthcare facility unified, easy to manage security solutions, look to Acetek.

Reduce risk and improve response times

At Acetek, we have the skills and experience to design and install end-to-end integrated healthcare security systems you can trust. However large or complex your facility, whatever your needs and budget, our security technologists identify areas of vulnerability and customise the right solution to fit. You have peace of mind knowing your environment is secure, and that easy monitoring will enable fast response to a crisis of any kind.

Compatible and flexible for maximum safety and control

We partner with Inner Range, Avigilon and Hikvision for CCTV, and electronic access control options, including alarms, intruder detection, smart card technologies, key pads and intercoms. What’s more, we make sure they work together seamlessly giving you maximum flexibility and control. Your staff enjoy easy-to-use features that ensure safety and convenience. Those in their care and their families rest easy knowing they’re protected and secure.

Acetek’s integrated healthcare security solutions give you:

  • Fully integrated hybrid solutions with single source responsibility
  • Easy security management of multiple sites
  • Operational cost savings in installation, administration and training
  • Greater peace of mind for staff, patients, residents and families
  • Reduced risk and improved response times
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