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Access Control for aged care facilities and hospitals

When you need to manage the flow of large populations of people in a complex environment, like a healthcare facility, you need flexible technology that is easy to use, secure and reliable.

Electronic access control

Access Control uses intelligence software to allow, or restrict, access to individual doors and access points. Your system can be programmed to allow staff access on certain days and times only, or for nominated periods of time – very handy for managing contracted personnel. Options include: key pads where a pin code is used to gain access, or proximity readers where a microchip or tag unlock the access point.

Integrating your electronic access solution with your intercom system allows your staff to screen visitors at the point of entry. When connected to your DECT Phone system, your staff can remotely allow on-site door access once the visitor identity has been verified, offering a greater level of protection.

Integrating your access control systems with your video monitoring technology provides an even higher level of security for your staff, patients and residents.

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