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Video Monitoring for Aged Care and Hospitals

When you need to manage the flow of large populations of people in a complex environment, like a healthcare facility, you need flexible technology that is easy to use, secure and reliable.

Video Monitoring (CCTV) Solutions

Although the term closed circuit television (CCTV) is still widely used, video systems are more commonly integrated into computer networks instead of the traditional closed circuit.

A high-performance video monitoring solution should deliver the benefit of digital recording with the advanced processing of a multiplexer, allowing you greater storage using smaller media without sacrificing image quality – providing days, weeks and even months of high-resolution video storage.

Integrating video with access control

Integrating your video and access control solutions delivers greater security, and auditing capabilities, for your facility. As video monitoring technology continue to evolve, the opportunity for advanced intrusion detection and access control solutions exists thanks to improvements in the speed and accuracy of automated video analysis.

From basic indoor video monitoring through to complex indoor/outdoor video solutions, our Acetek team will work with you to determine the right cameras and recorders to suit your healthcare facility and budget.

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