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Successfully taking your healthcare technology forward with practical phased upgrade solutions

As technology advances and the pressure for your organisation to meet compliance standards mounts, you may be considering upgrades to your healthcare technology. Rather than replacing entire systems which can be risky and expensive, it’s best to take an incremental approach. Acetek’s carefully considered upgrade programs enhance the functionality of your existing systems without the upheaval of rip and replace. We ensure you future adaptability and put all the benefits of an integrated high-tech digital ecosystem within your reach.

Upgrades that help you produce clear and meaningful data

At Acetek, we understand the complexity of your legacy systems and the roadblocks that slow it down. We recognise the missed opportunities to collect and integrate data, and the kind of reporting capabilities you want to achieve. By simply replacing a few key components, we can set you up on an IP based platform with middlewear that acts like a central nervous system for your facility. Meaning you can pull data from multiple sources, create the reports you need quickly and easily, and gain critical performance insights that keep you one step ahead.

IT upgrades that improve safety, security and workflow efficiency

When systems like Nurse Call, Telephony, Access Control and CCTV can’t talk to each other, opportunities for optimised security and care are lost. Upgrading to a virtualised server means better disaster recovery and redundancy (think of it as your data centre’s fire escape plan), plus a richer experience not only for your patient/resident, but also for your staff. In a few simple steps, systems can be made to communicate critical information and minimal manual intervention is required. And with messages being efficiently conveyed to the people who need to know, staff can provide a better response and patient/residents can enjoy better coordinated care.

Acetek’s phased approach to upgrading your technology offers you:

  • Less risk and disruption to your facility’s daily operations
  • Cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • Smoother transition in terms of workflow and uptake
  • Smart and meaningful reports and no more messy unstructured disparate data
  • Improved process efficiency and optimisation of information
  • Increased longevity of your technology systems
  • Improved compliance and reporting capabilities
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