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Nurse call upgrade solutions that boost satisfaction and drive better outcomes

Your Austco nurse call system may work fine in isolation, or there could be an increasing number of problems you’re having to maintain. Either way, older technologies many not allow for integration which means vital opportunities for better operational efficiency are lost along with patient/resident experience. Acetek helps you make the most of your existing nurse call system without having to start from scratch. Our tailored, phased upgrade solutions extend its life and give you all the benefits of the latest feature-rich technology without the costs, risk and downtime of rip and replace.

Delivering fast access to data, analytics and reporting

For compliance and performance measures, you need access to meaningful data fast. But with disparate legacy nurse call systems, that’s easier said than done. Our incremental approach to nurse call upgrades starts by replacing your Austco head-end with a virtualised server, and layering new functionality and a modern user dashboard interface on top. This brings networks and data together, meaning you can enjoy comprehensive overviews of activities in real time and track performance over time.

Small tweaks deliver big gains for your patient/residents and staff

A robust nurse-call system is critical, and disparate or aging systems can frustrate efficient workflow and continuity of care. An Acetek nurse call upgrade transforms your Austco server to open platform, allowing for integration with other systems across the facility as well as future adaptability. This enhanced capacity for communication, monitoring and real-time information sharing means your care team are better able to respond efficiently to patient/resident needs.

Acetek’s step-by-step nurse call upgrade solutions deliver:

  • Reduced repair costs, maintenance and downtime
  • New capabilities and integrations, e.g. mobile, wi-fi, DECT, Access Control and CCTV
  • Improved process and workflow efficiency
  • Better data tracking and reporting capabilities
  • All the advantages of remote support and faster resolution
  • Lower risk and cost compared to full system replacement
  • Opportunities for growth now and in the future
Acetek – Because better communication enables better care

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