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Technology solutions for person-centered Aged Care

As an aged care provider, you need to deliver an exceptional level of care. But budget constraints, compliance imperatives, operating costs and workforce pressures can make managing matters hard. What you need is an expert technology partner with integrated services and solutions that help you deliver a level of service that exceeds customer expectations. And, at a price you can afford. The partner you need is Acetek.

Nurse call systems that empower your staff and residents

At Acetek, we supply, integrate and support aged care clinical technology solutions that put your residents front and centre. We recommend your best options for communication systems including nurse call and access control solutions that let residents convey their needs effortlessly and ensure carers respond in the safest most efficient way.

Helping aged care residents stay safe, independent and active

As well as delivering aged care nurse call systems, security solutions and clinical management tools, we help you cater for residents’ lifestyle needs too. Our flexible, non-intrusive wandering resident monitoring solutions keep residents safe and where they need to be. Wi-Fi keeps them in touch with relatives and friends, enhancing their well-being. Families enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved ones are getting the best healthcare and amenities. You enjoy the reputation such customer benefits bestow.

Nurse Call Solutions

In an aged care setting, a robust, flexible, simple-to-use nurse call system is critical. Acetek installs and integrates practical, best-of-breed nurse call solutions you can rely on…

Security Solutions

When every second counts, security requires an integrated approach. We have solutions that take care of every risk and keep your residents and people safe and protected…

Resident Monitoring Solutions

Where a resident is prone to wandering, you need to give them independence but keep them out of harm’s way. Our solutions give residents freedom and families peace of mind…

System Integration Solutions

When disparate technology systems talk to each other, information is shared; time is saved; and performance is enhanced for smart, optimised healthcare provision…

Clinical Communications

We connect your people with the people and things they need. Wherever. Whenever. The result of Clinical Communication is improved care-team collaboration and satisfaction…

Real-Time Location Systems

To ensure moment-to-moment visibility and management of all your healthcare assets, we recommend RTLS – a straightforward but powerful tracking system you can trust…

Acetek’s Aged Care technology solutions offer:

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Increased security
  • Assured compliance and reduced risk
  • Enhanced responsiveness
  • Preserved resident dignity

Acetek – Because better communication enables better care

We give you the tools to keep your facility running smoothly. So, you can focus on your most important work.

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Call us on 02 8478 9000 to discuss how connectivity can help your healthcare staff deliver better care.