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Integrated hospital communication technology that puts patients front and center

Integrated hospital communication technology that puts patients front and center

As business demands change and technology advances, so must you. But with hospital budgets stretched and the increasing need to do more with less, it’s hard to manage pressures without impacting patient care. What you need is a dedicated technology partner who’ll work hand in hand with your organisation to solve your communication concerns; a single point of contact who’ll tie multiple systems together to unlock the power of your data and maintain regulatory compliance – and more. That partner is Acetek.

Improving staff productivity, collaboration and operational efficiency

Our experienced solution engineers assess the challenges and opportunities of your environment and then put collaborative care within your reach. Instead of disparate systems and data, double-handling and delays, your systems collaborate and talk to each other – instantaneously. Connecting nurse calls, Real-Time Location Systems, access control, staff duress, and CCTV monitoring, our solutions do away with distractions and inefficiencies letting your caregivers focus on giving first-class care.

Intelligence that keeps you ahead

But it’s not just the tools and systems we provide. For continuous improvement and delivery of the best patient outcomes, you need insights that keep you one step ahead. Our solutions give you easy-to-access reports and dashboards that deliver meaningful data you can drill down and analyse. Throwing light on trends and areas for improvement ensures you a full return on your technology investment and gives your hospital a competitive edge.

Nurse Call Solutions

When lives are on the line a robust, flexible, simple-to-use nurse call system is mission-critical. Acetek install and integrate practical, nurse call solutions you can rely on…

Security Solutions

When it comes to security in a hospital setting, every second counts. Compatible measures enable injury prevention and improved response times for maximum safety and control…

Staff Duress

Where staff might be put at risk, you need measures that give them confidence in their own security. Our solutions assure that they can communicate in times of crisis without delay.

System Integration Solutions

When disparate technology systems talk to each other, information is shared; time is saved; and performance is enhanced for smart, optimised healthcare provision…

Clinical Communications

We connect your people with the people and things they need. Wherever. Whenever. The result is improved care-team collaboration and satisfaction all round…

Real-Time Location Systems

To ensure moment-to-moment visibility, management and security of your healthcare assets and staff, RTLS is a powerful tracking system you can trust…

Acetek’s hospital communication system solutions:

  • Integrate disparate systems and applications
  • Streamline workflow and accountability
  • Mitigate risk
  • Help you manage staff more efficiently, effectively and profitably
  • Help you deliver the most effective care

Acetek – Because better communication enables better care

We give you the tools to keep your facility running smoothly. So, you can focus on your most important work.

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Call us on 02 8478 9000 to discuss how connectivity can help your healthcare staff deliver better care.